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The History of Minford Local Schools
1970 to 1999

The 1970's brought big changes to Minford High School. A new building was constructed, and for the first time in the school's history, grades 9 - 12 had a separate structure in which to attend classes.

The Class of 1970 was the first to graduate from the new building. The Class of 1974 was the first to attend all four years in the new building.

As time passed, however, the new building was plagued with problems. The underlying ground was not sturdy enough to support a three-story building. Floors began moving, walls began cracking, and it was evident that this new building was not going to last as long as the previous high school building.

1971 - 1974 Snowflake Kings & Queens
1968 - 1970 New High School and Elementary School are constructed - Students enter building on January 5, 1970
1970 First Basketball Game Played on in New High School Gymnasium
 March 31, 1970 Former Superintendent, Edwin J. Duncan, Passes Away 
 May 23, 1974 William Boyer Hired as Superintendent 
 February 3, 1976 William Boyer Rehired as Superintendent
1978 Blizzard Hits Area - School Closed for 30+ days
1982 High Winds Take Roof Off High School Gymnasium
1982/1983 Classrooms Condemned at High School
1986 William F. Boyer Leaves as Superintendent
1990 MHS Students Involved in the Persian Gulf War
1998 - 2000 District Begins Construction on 3 Buildings
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