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Harrison Township

Harrison Township was named in honor of General William Henry Harrison who often visited his friend here, Joseph Bennett.  General Harrison and Joseph Bennett became acquainted when they served together in the War of 1812.


1798 - The first settlers arrive in the area.  Some of the old settlers were:  Simeon Wood, Joseph Bennett, Solomon Monroe, George Bowers, S. T. Shumway, Saul Crull, R. T. Collins, Daniel White, John White, Thomas Feurt, John Snyder and Robert Bennett.

1804 - Emmanuel Traxler built the first mill in area.  It was built in the area that we now know as Dixon Mill.  The mill was owned by several people between 1804 and 1850 when Silas Dixon bought it from Joseph Smith.  In 1866, George Dixon and Noah Dixon (sons of Silas) became the owners and made great improvements in the machinery.   In 1880, Noah Dixon became the sole owner of the mill.  Noah added a sawmill and a flour mill.  The flour mill produced 30 barrels of flour each day.  

1806 - The first school in the area was built on the Robert Bennett farm.  It was 16 square feet and made of rough logs with a puncheon floor.  The seats were made of half logs with the flat sides up, with four legs made of oak pins.  The windows were made by leaving out a log on each side of the house, which space was filled with greased paper.  The room was heated by a large fireplace, and the chimney was made of sticks plastered with mud.  Robert Finley was the first teacher at the school. 

1820 - Abner Wood built a mill on Long Run in the northern part of the township.  In 1884 it was still being used, and it was owned by Caleb Crull. 

1823 - The first business was established in the area.  Peter Laforgy started a Blacksmith shop.  Later, the village boasted of its three general stores, an undertaking establishment, a harness shop, and an apiary.  Henry Lantz operated the apiary.

1825 - The first post office began operations.  It was called Rockwells Post Office.  It was run by Ephraim Rockwell.  In 1825 the name changed to the Scioto Post Office.

1828 - The Scioto Mill was erected by Joseph Bennett and Henry Bower.  It started as a sawmill.  Bower became the sole owner in 1831.  Bower added a grist mill.  It was owned by a number of people since Bower:  Levi Wheeler sold it to John T. Miller and William H. Wheeler in 1881.  Miller soon sold out to Wheeler.  William Wheeler added a saw mill.  It became known as Wheeler's Mill.

1832 - At a meeting of the Scioto County Commissioners, Harrison Township was officiately created on March 6, 1832.  The first election was held at the home of Daniel White on the first Monday of May in 1832.  The first township officers were:  Abner Wood, Treasurer; Abijah Batterson, Clerk; Thomas Hatch, Daniel White and Sylvanus Shumway, Trustees.

1837 - The first church was organized which was called the Harrisonville Methodist Church.  The first services were held in a log building at the northern end of the village. 

1851 - Harrison Furnace was built and operated by Sebastian Eifort, Thomas Price, Henry Spellman and J. C. Butler.  In 1855, Eifort sold out his interest in the furnace to his partners.  In 1860 the company failed and Daniel Sommers and Samuel McConnell bought the property and continued the business until 1872 when the furnace blew out. 

1853 - A school system was organized with eight sub-district schools. 

1859 - The village of Harrisonville was officially established on August 22, 1859 in the township. 

1865 - The famous Harrisonville Reunions began in the area.  The reunions continued each year until the 1920's. 

1878 - The first school in the village of Harrisonville was started.  The only teacher was William H. Bradford.  Directors of the school were:  W. J. Crull, C. M. Coburn, and J. C. Clark. 

1883 - The oldest house standing is owned by Rufus Pool and was built in 1817 by Solomon Monroe. 

1884 - Oldest couple living in Harrison Township is Mr. John Snyder and wife.   Mr Snyder was born on May 23, 1798 and Mrs. Snyder was born on January 14, 1804.  They were married on January 3, 1821, and they have lived in Madison and Harrison Townships ever since their marriage.  The old couple now reside at their home on the California free turnpike, about three-fourths of a mile from the Scioto Mills.  (Information from The History of the Lower Scioto Valley, p. 341.)

1903 - The Harrisonville school is taught by Miss Bertha A. Coburn, who teaches for seven months at $35 per month.  The school has 37 pupils enrolled.   

1916 - The Chesapeake & Ohio railroad through Harrisonville was built. 

1917 - The village of Harrisonville changed its name to Minford on August 17, 1917.   


Nathan Gilliland - 1882
Quigley Rigrish - 1912
Damon Snyder - 1936 to 1956
Glen Shuter - 1956 to 1976
Marcella Shuter - 1976 to 


1832 - George Scott & R. T. Collins


1832 - T. R. Wood & Luther Wheeler 
1954 - J. E. Hale


The Harrison Township school system was organized in 1853 and adopted eight sub-school districts in the township.

In 1878 a special school district was made for the Village of Harrisonville.  The Directors were W. J. Crull, C. M. Coburn, and J. C. Clark.  The first school was taught by W. H. Bradford.  The Directors in 1883 were:  J. B. Ray, W. J. Minford and R. H. Coburn.  The teacher was William Ray.

In 1883 the schools were:

Bennett School House:  sub-district #1.  Directors were Casius Edwards, William Ketter and James Sampson.  Pupils enrolled = 41.

Glade School:  sub-district #2.  Directors were Charles Frowine, Nathaniel Rogers and John Devers.  Pupils enrolled = 41.

Mead School:  sub-district #3.  Directors were Alfred Boyer, William Marsh and Noah Dickson.  Pupils enrolled = 40.

Bonser Run School:  sub-district #4.  Directors were James Goodrich, O. Chapman and Thomas Brock.  Pupils enrolled = 42.

Harrison Mills School:  sub-district #5.  Directors were Hiram Sykes, Levi Wheeler and George Emmett.  Pupils enrolled = 42.

Tick Ridge School:  sub-district #6.  Directors were James Sykes, Ananias Weeks and Andrew Brooker.  Pupils enrolled = 38.

Harrison Furnace School:  sub-district #7.  Directors were William Yeagle, Nicholas Will and Salathiel Elliott.  Pupils enrolled = 38. 

Warner School:  sub-district #8.  Directors were William Coriell, George Gray, and Stephen Purdy.  Pupils enrolled = 38. 



Harrison twp map 1875 

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