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Minford Church of the Nazarene
260 Bennett Road
Minford, Ohio

Minford Nazarene 

Minford Nazarene 2 

The church was formed in the early 1940's.  Reverend Alva Hall was the first pastor of the church.   Church services were advertised in The Portsmouth Times as early as March of 1945.  Reverend Hall retired in 1950 due to ill health.

Reverend Jay H. Keiser became the minister of the church in May of 1950.

Article in The Portmouth Times, May 20, 1950, p. 8

JH Keiser Minford Nazarene 

Minford Nazarene 1950 

Rev. Keiser did not remain long at the church.  Rev. Frank Bowling was listed a pastor in 1951.  Also in 1951, the church purchased a new lot which was located north of their current church.  Plans were underway to construct a separate Sunday School unit in the near future.


The Portsmouth Times, July 17, 1954, p. 7



The Portsmouth Times, February 3, 1955, p. 10

Minford Nazarene Building Fund 


By 1959, a new pastor, Mr. William Coburn, was in charge of the congregation. 

Article in The Portsmouth Times, April 7, 1959, p. 7

Minford Nazarene Coburn 


Article in The Potsmouth Times, April 30, 1963, p. 8

Minford Nazarene Services 


Article in The Portsmouth Times, April 22, 1965, p. 4

Minford Nazarene Revival 


 Article in The Portsmouth Times, September 23, 1967, p. 8

Minford Nazarene 1967 

In September of 1967, Rev. R. B. Frederick retired from active ministry.  John H. Montgomery became the new minister of the church.  He came to Minford from Dresden Church of the Nazarene at Dresden, Ohio.


Article in The Portsmouth Times, October 12, 1968

Minford Nazarene 1968 

Former Pastors:

Alva Hall
J. H. Keiser
Frank Bowling
Willis Coburn
Raymond Hassinger
R. B. Frederick
John H. Montgomery
Fred W. Meldau
Mark Bales 

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