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Minford United Methodist Church
as known as Minford Methodist Church
formerly known as the Harrisonville Methodist Church and the Harrisonville Methodist Episcopal Church
510 East Street
Minford, Ohio

Minford Methodist Church 


Minford Methodist Congregation 

The Methodist faith put down its roots in what was then known as Harrisonville prior to 1829.  The pioneer families would meet in homes for worship service.

The first confirmed church building was organized and built in 1837.  it was a 24' by 30' log building at the northern end of Harrisonville. The cost of building the church was $135.

In 1856 the church building was sold.  The congregation built another structure on what is believed to be the present location.  Reverend Sheldon Parker was the pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  The Trustees were:  J. M. Crull, James R. Taylor, Edward Richardson, and William Slattery.  They had a membership of about 100 people.

In 1873 they again sold their church, and arranged for the building of a new one.  The new white-framed building cost $800.  It was erected just north of the current building, and it is believed to have stood where the Pfleger General Store was once located.  The name of the church was changed to the Harrisonville Methodist Episcopal Church.  The pastor of the church in 1873 was Reverend Hamilton.  The Trustees were:  J. M. Violet, John Crull, James R. Taylor, David Slattery and G. M. Hubbard.  That building housed the congregation until 1949 when the current brick church was finished.

In 1884 the pastor was Rev. G. W. Ray and the Trustees were:  James Sykes, Nathaniel Crull, J. R. Taylor, Lewis A. Crull, and J. M. Violet.  Services were conducted every Sunday, and there was a membership of about thirty.  The Sabbath school was held every Sunday, and the attendance averaged about forty.  Mr. Lewis A. Crull was the Sabbath school Superintendent, and Miss Julia Crull was the secretary. 

In 2007 a Sunday evening service was started.  The service is very casual and informal.  "Our goal is to provide an environment that is safe and open for people to experience a vital relationship with God."  Pastor Sam Peters said.  "Our evening service has a more contemporary approach to doing ministry.  The music is upbeat and the message is relevant but not compromised.  We still believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is relevant to people today and we want to share it in a way that meets them where they are." 

The Hopewell House ministry, which was started in 1998 by Rev. Gene James, has a mission of "No Child Cold or Hungry."  Rev. James and the congregation realized that many families in the rural area struggle at the end of the month to make ends meet.  Hopewell House is open to the community on the last five working days of each month to provide food and clothing to struggling families.

In 2008, more than 250 families were assisted through the mission efforts of Hopewell House.  The Hopewell House is located in an adjacent house.   


The Portsmouth Times, April 1, 1930

A cat, the household pet of the Cleveland Coriell family in Minford, saved the entire family from being burned to death Tuesday morning when fire which is thought to have started from an overheated flue completed destroyed the house and its contents.

The damage which is estimated at $8,000 is partially covered by insurance.  Firemen from New Boston, who were summoned saved the A. Bowman house and the Minford Methodist Church which were menaced by the flames.

According to Coriell he awakened about 4 a.m. Tuesday and built a fire in his stove in the kitchen.  He went back to bed and had been asleep about 30 minutes when he was awakened by the family cat which was on his bed scratching and mewoing in a loud voice.

Coriell discovered the flames and awakened his wife and three small children, Lawrence, Louise and Bobby.

The flames spread throughout the four room structure.  They made each a rapid headway, none of the furniture was saved.  Members of the family grabbed all available clothing as they humbly left their home.  The intense heat started a small blaze on the roof of the Bowman house which adjoined the burning building.  An alarm was sent into the New Boston company which upon arrival kept a stead stream of water on the Methodist Church and Bowman house.  The Bowman home was badly blistered and two windows were shattered.

For a while apprehension was felt that the flames would get out of the control of the firemen, but luckily this did not happen and what looked like a disasterous fire was held to a comparatively small loss. 



Minford Methodist Church

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