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Miscellaneous News Stories - 1790 to 1899

1790's The Laziest Man in the World Lives in Southeastern Scioto County

1810 - Biggest Tree in Ohio (Sycamore of Fifteen Horses)

1829 - Extraordinary Circumstance of George Telston 

1833 - Man Sells His Tooth to Buy Liquor

1853 - Earthquakes Felt in Portsmouth 

1859 - Giant Born in Portsmouth 

1883 - Clara Bell is Found 

1887 - Mrs. Sarah Gowdey (General Grant's Nurse) 
            Millionaire Peter Hayden Comes to Portsmouth

1888 - Ida Runser Leaves to Study 
            Harvey Sly Rodded at the Base of the Brain

1889 - Dry Run Natural Furnace Discovered
            Mrs. William Lewis Struck by Brick 

1892 - Men Injured in Saloon Fight 
            Boy Kills Mad Man

1893 - Lorenzo Dow Owns the Oldest Sleigh in America 
              The Wrong Man 

1894 - Ward Family in Distress
            Mrs. Robert Trexter Deserted By Her Husband
            Williard Claims Champion Girl
            Mrs. William Heid Accidentally Shot
            Robert Morris Captures Largest Pike in This Area
            Mrs. Meyers Inherits Several Thousand Dollars
            Will Evans, Champion Corn Husker

1895 - Jones, Emmett, Seymour Feud
            Austin Missing Man
            J. Ruggles to Leave for Fourth Trip
            John McDermitt Dies in Penitentary
               George Turner Fires at Bologna Thief
               Charles Tilton and Charles Butcher Skip for St. Louis
               Brothers Fight a Duel
               Mr. and Mrs. Ed Dunham Bicycle from Rhode Island to Portsmouth
               John Sturgeon Sent to Workhouse
           Spiritualists Search for Gold
           Fireman Mershon Totally Blind
           Jesse Bond Poisoned
               Robert McAuley Returns Home
               Ella Potts Injured by Collapse of Brick Oven
           Charles and William Sempler Engage in Drunken Encounter
               George Davis Estate
               Fratricid at a Dance
               William Price Assaulted
            Star Brick Company Burns to Ground
            Workers Discover Gas Vein

1896 - Mayor Holloway's House Burglarized
            Mary E. Martin Declared Insane
            M. Jacobs Builds House, but Forgets Chimney
            Richard Masters Shot at by James Moore
              Thomas McKee Arrested
            George Davis Found in Box Car
            McFarland, Wertz, Dice Refund Crop Money to Tenants
            William Ferrell Found in Box Car

1897 - Dave Reed Falls at Iron Mill
            B. W. Scratton Accidentally Shot
            Little Girl Bitten by Rattlesnake
            Tree was Old Post Office
            J. C. Cole One of Jesse james' Gang Arrested in Portsmouth
            Mrs. Nancy Powell Burned
            Frank Lyons Found With Hands and Feet Tied

1899Brickyard Strike
              Scioto Hills Site of "Free Love"
              Gold Found in Philip Multer Estate
              Mrs. Lillian Anders Divorces
              Hannah Gallagher Fatally Beaten
              Richard Junge Shot

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