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News Stories
1900 to 1970

1900 - Lydia Williams Assaulted

1901 - Katie Dolt Assaulted
            Race Riot at Ironton
            Rat Chews Off Baby's Fingers & Ear
            Charles W. Baker Shoots W. J. Salvage

1902 - Kentucky Profanity Law
            Nannie Gillan Accidentally Shoots Mother
            Bullet Injures Two

1903 - From Newsboy to Millionaire
            William Glasco Attacks Miss Maloney
            Charley and Earl Polley Shot by Brother
            Mr. Jacob Schaefer Endorses Doan's Kidney Pills
            Detroit Southern Railroad Camp Struck by Lightning
            Vincent Brown Accidentally Shot By Daughter
            Traveling Salesman Killed By Bull
            South Portsmouth Postmaster Mistakenly Shot

1904 - Toy Pistol Factory in Portsmouth Explodes
            Berl Cooper Shot by Edward Burton
            Lorenzo Dow McKinney Has Funeral Services Preached 8 Years Before His Death
            John W. Crawford Shot by Charles Jones

1905 - Four Women Rescued
            Bomb Hurled at a House
            Wesley Tinsley and Bafter McElhaney Shot
            Herman Hamilton Pleas Insanity

1906 - James Hart Bit by Snake
            Import Strick Breakers
            Earl Houston Injured in Football Game
            Jarred O. Hughes Indicted for Murder
            Local Residents Become Millionaires

1907 - Fred Whiteman Shot by Policeman

1909 - E. E. Malone Returns Home 
            Margaret Giesler Petitions Court for Divorce

1910 - Samuel F. Bridwell Hit by Lightning

1911 - Frank Lair & Wife Assaulted and Robbed
            Samuel Moore Will Lose Hand

1912 - Jesse Niece Shoots John Jamison

1913 - Ohio State Federation of Labor Holds Meeting in Portsmouth

1914 - Stephenson Sisters Admit Burglary

1915 - Female Inmate Goes on Hunger Strike 

1917 - Austrian Plots to Bomb Portsmouth

1918 - Scouts in Rubbish Drive

1920 - Mrs. George Willis Buried the Wrong Husband
            Postcard is Delivered (Mailed Nine Years Ago)

1922 - Elmire Higgins to Find Family
            Brick Road Constructed
            Mystery Man is Able to Identify Himself After a Night's Sleep
            Edith Lavoy - Murder or Suicide?
            William Wright Murdered in Wheelersburg

1923 - Walker Brothers, Morris, McCain Convicted of Booze Making
            Mayor Stops KKK Parade
            "King" Ben Purnell

1924 - Old Pals Have "Pictures Took"

1927 - Miss Beauford Hughes Falls From Cliff
            Portsmouth Woman Invents Sewing Machine Light
            Clay Beadle's Car is Stolen

1928 - Clyde Morris & Bessie Smith Dixon Killed by Inter-Urban Car 

1929 - Junior Bloomfield, 3 Poisoned
            Joseph Locke Shoots Wife & Mother-in-Law
            Motion Picture Theatre Owners Arrested

1930 - Hunting Season Accidents

1931 - Louis Hyland Robbed
            Andrew Payne Disappeared
            Mysterious Fish Deaths
            Marianne Moors Paris Bound
            John Lloyd Injuried in Car Accident
            County Moonshiners
            Geraldine Abrahams Has Hiccoughs for 1 Year
            George Williams Robbed
            Mary Coddle & Daisey Theobald Injured in Accident
            Ellis Nelson Swallows Bottle Cap

1932 - Wingless Chicken in Portsmouth
            City Manager Frank Sheehan Received Threatening Letters
            292,300 Loaves of Bread Donated
            Clay Township Money is Missing 
             Grace Fuller & Marvin Groog Pass Bad Coins
            James Haley Dies From Scarlet Fever
            Nina Bouts is Missing
            Elizabeth Fletcher Found in Lima
            John Osborn Stabbed
            William Pennywick Beaten at Auction

1933 - Gladys Shover Swallows Plum Stone
            Cock Fight Tax
            Free Beer With Meals
            Boat Idea Sinks
            State Reps Hurt in Pike County Wreck
            Arch Bolton Stabbed in Row
            Sheriff Bridwell Stabbed
            Grocer Takes "Play" Money
            Liquor Costs CWA Workers to be Arrested
            A New Dam is Needed 

1934 - Kentucky Governor Receives Death Threats with Portsmouth Postmark
            Church Collapses
            George Flagg Shot 
            Branch Rickey's Parents Injuried in Auto Accident
            Alfred Angel Shot
            Betty Stratton Walks in Sleep
            Loren Coffman Disappears
            William Newman Tortured and Robbed

1935 - Four Rob Montgomery Wards Store
            Citizens Fight Ban on Dancing

1936 - Boys Missing Mother Hunted

1937 - Miss Ruth Lloyd Becomes Head of Tax Committee
            Carl Hall, Cult Leader, Hiding in Portsmouth
            Typhoid Fever Hits Portsmouth
            George Lantz's Dog Wins Derby

1943 - Deer Hunting Returns to Ohio After 50-Year Absence
            Deer Hunting Season Ends in Ohio

1944 - Ronald Boggs, age 3, Disappears

1946 - Homer Hickman Killed in Auto Accident

1947 - Bus Passengers Have Hour of Terror
            Everett Lee Anderson, Willie Ray Welch, Holdup Bus
            Warren Lloyd Foster Dies From Football Injury

1949 - Everett Black Killed in Car Accident 

1952 - Women Choose Church Over Jail Time
            Doctors Set $1 a Mile Fee on County Calls
            Squirrels Lead to Gun Battle, Two Wounded

1953 - Suspected Sheriff's Slayers Stop in Wheelersburg
            Slot Machines Found in Ohio River

1955 - Chez Paree in Wheelersburg Busted for Bingo
            This Lola Wanted to Continue Talk

1957 - Searching for James Lemon 

1958 - Jet Plane Crashes in Ironton
            Boy Scout Shoots Sheriff

1959  - McDermott Bomb Attempt

1960 - Cattle Rustlers

1962 - Dayton Policemen Face Burglary Charges 

1963 - Bank Robbery 

1965 - Hills Robbery Suspect Caught
            Chicago Suspects Arrested in Sciotoville
            Man Attends His Own Funeral

1966 - William Harsha III Injured in Auto Accident

1968 - French Weather Balloon Lands in Scioto County 

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