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Civil War Soldiers
buried in Minford Community Cemeteries
Harrison and Madison Townships

Information was gathered from Veteran's Graves Registration at the
Portsmouth Court House, Probate Office
and Cemetery Records at the Portsmouth Public Library, Genealogy Department

Court House records indicated in blue
Cemetery records indicated in red

Last Names A - F
(red row indicates wounded, missing, or killed in action)

Veteran's Name
Adams, HiramAdamsF, 140th OVI, 2nd Lt.11-15-18326-6-1908
Adams, NathanAdamsF, 53rd OVI, Army Pvt.none listednone listed
Adams, WilliamAdamsD, 56th OVI184611-28-1862
26y, 4m, 24d
Allen, IsaacKallner/SquiresF, 140th OVI12-16-1838
February 1839
Harrisonville, OH
February 1895
Allen, JohnBennettA, 79th OVI18431914
Allen, William H.Mt. CarmelA, 39th OVI3-14-18371-20-1902
Atkins, WalterAdamsG, 2nd Colo Cav4-2-1837after 1903
Auld, Thomas G.KellyD, 1st OVHA18373-30-1863
Aumiller, DavidKallner/SquiresF, 53rd OVI18332-19-1862
Fatally Wounded
Benner, Jacob F.GlendaleUSS Gampus1846 PA5-14-1882
Benner, WilliamGlendaleG
F, 1st OVHA
tfrd from Co A
none listeddied 11-28-1862
buried 11-24-1862
Bennett, Rolley E.Bennett
G, 91st OVI
twice wounded at Winchester, VA
none listed61y, 11m 9d
Bennett, TitusBennettF, 1st OVHA18391920
Bennett, WilliamKallner/SquiresF, 140th OVI
Bookover, Fredrick W. AKA
Buckhaver, Frederick
MeadH, 191 OVIHanover Germany 1807
9-8-1894 age66y
Bouser, Addison H.MeadA, 39th OVI1839none listed
Springfield, OH
Bouser, Isaac AKA Bowser, IsaacMeadG, 56th OVI1818none listed
Boyer, WesleyHartleyF, 1st OVHA18282-15-1899
Bradfield, John E.Bennett FairviewD, 56th OVI18403-17-1876
46y, 8m, 1d
Brown, Nathaniel E.Mt. CarmelG, 56th OVI
wounded at siege at Vicksburg
Brown, William G.Kronk/PearlB, 56th OVI
1836none listed
Burk, John C.Harrison FurnaceSgt, A & F, 56th OVI9-16-1822 PA5-11-1901 PA
Chapman, Robert RossGlendale MadisonCpl., A, 195th OVI
suffered hernia near Stephenson Depot, VA
sick in Alexandria, VA
rheumatism & lung trouble
struck on head by robber, robbed of $80 & left for dead
Coburn, Arthur M.Glendale MadisonF, 126th OVI
Lexington, KY
Coburn, O. M. Pvt., E, 33 OVI  
Coburn, William H.Glendale Madisonunassigned recruits, 12 OVC3-29-18403-19-1908
Coburn, William T.Glendale MadisonH, 126th OVI2-2-1835
Madison Township
7-16-1864 died from wounds in
Fredrick City, MD
Cole, EdmondMonroeSgt, F, 1st OHA6-1-18424-24-1897
Colegrove, H.L.ColegroveA, 39th OVInone listednone listed
Colegrove, John AllenBennettE, 33rd OVI6-21-184310-9-1897
Colegrove, WilliamKallner/SquiresB, 73rd OVI
some time in hospital
Jefferson Township
Compliman, William St. John's/LillyPvt., D, 1st Reg OHA8-10-18438-15-1916
Conklin, EliMonroeF, 91st OVI4-20-1839
Green Twp.
Scioto Co., OH
Concklin, Sylvanus AKA Conklin, SylvanusMonroe8 OVSS18419-23-1883
Corgell, Samuel AKA Coriell, SamuelKallner/SquiresA, 195th OVI18309-7-1901
Crabtree, GillumMt. CarmelB, 56th OVI
6 mo. in hospital in Cincinnati;
gunshot wound in neck at Savine Cross Roads, LA
captured & held 1 day
1833none listed
Craig, DicksonGlendale MadisonI, 140th PAnone listednone listed
Crull, Caleb A.BennettF, 140th OVI
May 1827
October 1924
Crull, David W.Kallner/SquiresF, 140th OVI8-9-18205-24-1880
Crull, Ira M.Bennett FairviewF, 91st OVI
October 18448-9-1924
Crull, John R.Kallner/SquiresF, 140th OVI8-7-18433-16-1876
32y, 7m, 9d
Crull, Samuel H.Kallner/SquiresF, 140th OVI10-27-18417-27-1922
Crull, Thomas J.Kallner/SquiresF, 39th OVI18386-7-1870
32y, 10m, 25d
Cush, Charles C.Bennett8 OVSS1845none listed
Daniels, GeorgeBennettH, 169th OVI6-12-18222-5-1906
Deaver, George W. AKA Deever, George W.MonroeF, 91st OVI18381-21-1865
Debo, AugustusPleasant GroveD, 197th OVI6-6-18343-31-1900
Dixon, GeorgeMeadUSS Grampus
USS Benton
USS Brilliant
Dixon, NoahMeadB, 22 OVI
injured left ear by explosion of gun cap 1862
Douglas, JamesGlendale MadisonB, 26th OVI2-6-18229-7-1953
Downey, JohnMt. CarmelG, 183rd OVI4-4-1833 PA8-11-1881
Eckhart, Jacob A.BennettK, 91st OVI
wounded & disabled at Winchester, VA
Elliott, SalathielLindseyE, 33rd OVI3-25-1847
Harrison Twp.
Scioto Co., OH
Athens, OH
Emnett, George A.LillyB, 11th OVM6-20-18391-1-1895
Erwin, Robert (Crpl)BennettF, 91st OVI1834none listed
Erwin, WilliamBennettF, 91st OVI1836none listed
Flack, BenjaminFlackK, 91st OVI2-7-18367-15-1903
Flack, IsaacFlackK, 194th OVI5-20-18407-26-1920
Foye, JuliusBatterson39th Vol. Inf4-28-185010-9-1917
Frazier, W.A.ShumwayG, 35th OVInone listednone listed
Fullerton, IsaacKronk/PearlB, 173rd OVI  
Fullerton, Isaac Rev.MartinG, 56th OVI, Capt.2-15-180911-11-1886
next of kin:
Mrs. J. S. Rickey
Fullerton, JohnBennett FairviewG, 56th OVI8-1-184310-15-1912
Fulton, HughJenkinsF, 138th OVI8-26-182812-18-1925

Information below taken fromThe Portsmouth Times, Thursday, May 28, 1931, p. 11.
Lois Camp No. 16, Sons of Union Veterans of Minford, met and completed arrangements for Decoration day. The soldiers graves in the Bennett cemetery will be decorated about 10:30 a.m. followed by singing and speaking. The procession will be at Mt. Carmel cemetery about noon where they will eat their lunch.

In the afternoon the cemeteries at White Gravel, Flack's Jenkins
and White's will be visited in the order named. Singing and music by
the Harrisonville drum corps will be a feature at each of the cemeteries.

The last Civil war veteran in Madison township has answered the final roll call,
Comrade Jenkins being the last. Samuel O'Neal, a former resident of this township, is a Civil war veteran and resides in New Boston. He is now almost 90 years old.

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