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Civil War Veterans
buried in Minford Community Cemeteries
Harrison and Madison Townships

Information was gathered from Veteran's Graves Registration at the
Portsmouth Court House, Probate Office
and Cemetery Records at the Portsmouth Public Library, Genealogy Department

Court House records indicated in blue
Cemetery records indicated in red

Last Names G - L

(red row indicates wounded, mission, or killed in action)

Veteran's Name
Giles, James W.Mt. CarmelF, 1st OHA
gunshot wound in knee
February 18449-14-1925
Giles, Thomas C.Bennett FairviewG
56th OVI, clerk
Gilliland, Henry H.ShumwayI, 140th ONG Infnone listednone listed
Graham, WilliamBennett FairviewI, 14th OVI18441913
Henser, SamuelGlendaleB, 56th OVI1834none listed
Henson, JohnGlendaleF, 140th OVING2-21-18404-2-1901
Hopkins, Thos.ColegroveSgt., F, 92st OVInone listed none listed
Huddleston, PowellMeadA, 30th OVI18399-3-1865
Humphreys, Benjamin A.Bennett FairviewG, 67th OVI9-19-182710-13-1901
Jenkins, John J.JenkinsA, 1st OVHA18441931
Last Civil War soldier
to die in Minford Area
Johnson, John R.GlendaleF, 91st OVI6-28-18299-18-1885
Johnson, WilliamGlendaleF, 114th OVI
tfrd to 48th Reg
Jones, Samuel G.BattersonA, 39th OVI
6 mo. in hospital in Nashville
Kearns, AugutusJenkinsF, 129th OVI18434-14-1874
Kent, Olvin M.Bennett FairviewG, 56th OVIDecember 1838June 1914
Kent, Thomas M.MartinC, 39th OVI18251845
Kirchner, WilliamBennettC, 91st OVI
wounded at Fisher's Hill
90y, 7m, 22d
Kirk, JohnKallner/SquiresF, 1st OVHA3-11-18445-30-1864
Kirk, Josia S.C.Kallner/SquiresH, 79th OVI18366-8-1865
Typhoid Fever
29y, 6m, 21d
Kirkpatrick, JohnKronk/PearlF, 117th OVI became
1st OHA
hernia, Ashland, KY 1862
fever, Covington KY 1863
Kronk, JacobKronk/PearlF, 173rd OVI, carpenter7-10-1823 PA9-10-1897
Lair, Francis M.PylePowellA, 195 OVI1834none listed
Lane, SquireHartleyC, 39th OVI18331864
Lantz, HenryBennettK, 194th OVI2-22-18318-15-1915
Lefler, PeterSt. John's/LillyI, 140th OVI18397-18-1864
drowned in Charleston, WV
Lewis, Alonzo P.MartinC, 39th OVI1825 
Lindsey, LeviLindseyA, 39th OVI3-26-181911-16-1884
Harrison Twp.
Scioto Co, OH
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