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Civil War Veterans
buried in Minford Community Cemeteries
Harrison and Madison Townships

Information was gathered from Veteran's Graves Registration at the
Portsmouth Court House, Probate Office
and Cemetery Records at the Portsmouth Public Library, Genealogy Department

Court House records indicated in blue
Cemetery records indicated in red
Family submissions indicated in black

Last Names M - Z

(red row indicates captured, wounded, missing, or killed)

Veteran's Name
Martin, HarrisonGlendaleF, 140th OVI1839none listed
Martin, James J.Kronk/PearlG, 173rd OVI
captured and held for 1 day
Martin, JohnRogersG, 159th OVI1-23-18371-14-1876
Martin, JohnMt. CarmelG, 27th OVI6-2-18376-8-1864 wounded in battle
Next of kin Mrs. Will, neice,
12th St., Portsmouth
Martin, WilliamBennettH, 191st OVI18421911
McCann, IsaacMt. CarmelF, 140th OVI1-24-18382-2-1890
McCarty, Samuel R.Glendale MadisonE, 11th PA VC
B, 9ast OVI
wounded near Winchester, VA
9-16-1843 PA6-12-1899 Jefferson Township
McDaniel, WaitmanJenkinsB, 126th OVI18226-9-1864
Shenandoah Valley, VA
Killed in action
McJunkin, Isaac N., Sr.MeadC, 91st OVI12-11-1845 PA11-10-1916
Mead, Jacob R.MartinE, 117th OVI
G, 1st OVI
23y, 7d
3-12-1863 Covington, KY
Miller, J.White GravelCrlp., F, 140th OVI12-15-182312-22-1900
Minford, William J.Kallner/Squires

Enlisted as a Private on 18 July 1863 at the age of 35. Enlisted in Co F, 117th Infantry Regiment Ohio on 18 July 1863. Promoted to Full Corporal on 10 August 1863. Transferred out Co F, 117th Infantry Regiment Ohio on 12 August 1863. Transferred in Co F, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment Ohio on 12 August 1863. Mustered out Co F, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment Ohio on 25 July 1865 in Knoxville, TN

F, 1st OVHA
3 weeks in hospital in TN, 1863; sunstroke, Knoxville, TN

Minford, OH
Mohat, JamesWhite GravelF, 140th OVI3-14-183811-24-1928
Monroe, ArronMonroeC, 91st OVI
in hopital in Kanawa, WV, 1863
61y, 10m, 2d
Monroe, CharlesMonroeC, 91st OVI11-13-18429-19-1864
Lost his life in defense of his country at Winchester, VA
killed at Cedar Creek
Monroe, JesseMonroeC, 91st OVI8-7-18303-7-1906
Monroe, ThomasMonroeF, 140th OVI18211-24-1891
Moore, George W.LindseyF, 140 OVI11-18-1827
Harrison Co., WV
Harrison Twp.,
Scioto Co., OH
Musgrave, JamesMt. CarmelG, 173rd OVI18461920
Neary, EdwardBennettF, 32nd OVI2-5-1834none listed
Neary, Lewis R.Kallner/SquiresF, 91st OVI1841none listed
Nye, John H.Kronk/PearlSgt, I, 21st OVI18437-16-1871
Oberly, Benjamin B.Kallner/SquiresG, 56th OVI8-11-184112-29-1881
O'Neal, SamuelMt. CarmelH, 1st OVHA8-11-18411934
Parks, James H.BennettH, 91st OVI
gunshot wound at Stephenson Depot
none listednone listed
Peach, Charles J.St. John's/LillyF, 91st OVI
captured at Red House Shoals on Kanawa River 1863; gunshot wound in left eye at Stephenson Depot
Montbeliard, France
wounded on 7-20-1864
died 4-17-1920
Pearl, RobertKronk/PearlH, 191st OVI1840none listed
Poole, Danie
Kallner/SquiresF, 140th OVI6-16-182410-25-1863
Fatally Wounded
died, Summerville, VA
Poole, RufusBennettF, 140th none listednone listed
Porter, William F.B.Glendale85th OVI4-7-1834
Philadelphia, PA
Powell, Andrew J.Mt. CarmelE, 91st OVI4-9-182810-28-1906
Powell, JoshuaMt. CarmelI, 132nd OVI NG
G, 173rd OVI
Powell, SimonJenkinsG, 173rd OVI8-17-18302-17-1901
Purtee, AndrewRogersCorpl. A, 39th OVI1840none listed
Pyle, Thomas J.PyleCo F, 140th OVI  
Rambo, Philip J.Mt. CarmelF, 126th OVI
captured at Monocacy Junction, MD 7-9-1864 held 2 weeks at Lunchburg and 7 mo. at Danville
next of kin Mrs. Kronk,
Madison Township
Rawlins, John DialGlendaleH, 1st OVI9-10-18461-12-1917
Ray, J. B., Jr. MDBennettF, 140th OVI1-26-18464-7-1915
Rice, JesseGlendale MadisonL, 1st OVLA11-28-18465-5-1873
Rickey, I.P.MartinF, 140th ONG Inf.7-24-18382-14-1904
Rickey, IsaacMartinF, 1st OHA1842
Madison Township
12-4-1863 died while on sick furlow
Rickey, Isaac M.MartinG, 56th OVI6-21-18342-14-1904
Rickey, Jacob B.Bennett FairviewF, 140th OVI
captured by Morgan's men in Ohio raid July 1863; held at Ewington for 2 days
Rider, Henry J., Sr.BattersonI, 140th OVI8-15-18393-7-1902
Rider, PeterSt. John's/LillyA, 195th OVI18387-27-1890
Rigley, John AKA
Ridgeley, John
F, 91st OVI1839none listed
Rockwell, CharlesMartinF, 140th ONG Inf.
hernia from fall 6-14-1864 in WV
none listednone listed
Rockwell, JohnMartinB & G, 56th OVI
treated for erysipelas
none listednone listed
Rockwell, LeonardMartinF, 1st OHA  
Rogers, NathanielRogersF, 117th OVI, became
1st OVHA
trnsfd from D
crippled in ankle by marching; leg amputated after returning home
October 18372-27-1912
at home
Sampson, James S.Bennett FairviewF, 140th OVI2-19-18341-16-1917
Schomburg, HenryBattersonD, 5th10-15-18451-30-1916
Schumpe, WilliamBattersonG, 7th OCAV1-28-18389-17-1921
Scoonover, JamesWellsG, 173rd OVI1832none listed
Shafer, Jno. GlendaleB, 56th OVI  
Shiteling, LeopoldMt. CarmelB, 56th OVI1834none listed
Shoemaker, JacobMt. CarmelF, 1st OHA
B, 56th OVI
1833none listed
Shoemaker, JohnFlackD, 57th OVI
wounded at Winchester, VA
Scioto Co., OH
Shoemaker, SolomonPleasant GroveF, 1st OVHA18411917
Shumway, John Q.ShumwayLt., I, 1st OHA1-13-1823 OH3-17-1897
Shonkwiler, William MarshallFairview/BennettCo E, 140th OVI served from
May 2, 1864 to Sept. 3, 1864
Co E, 43rd OVI
served from Nov. 25, 1864 to
July 13, 1865
Suter, Henry AKA
Shuter, Henry
ShuterF, 140th OVI1-20-1877
Hanover Germany
Harrison Township
Smith, LeviJenkinsA, 27th OVI18372-2-1898
37y, 11m, 6d
Smith, William H.RogersMusician
F, 1st OHA
1844none listed
Snyder, EzraGlendaleF, 140th OVI  
Snyder, JonathanKallner/SquiresC, 39th OVI
wounded at Snake Creek Gap, GA 5-8-1864 in hospital for 4 weeks
Sonntag, Louis AKA Sontag, LouisKallner/SquiresA, 39th OVI18223-15-1873
Spradling, Samuel R.BennettA, 39th OVI1831none listed
Squires, Wilson G.Kallner/SquiresA, 39th OVI18411-27-1864
Stockham, George A.AdamsG, 91st OVI18403-6-1863
Fayetteville, WV
23y, 1m, 23d
son of Wm H & A
Stockham, Joseph D.RogersF 177th OVI became
F, 1st OVHA; bass drummer
Swaim, Francis M.BennettF, 91st Inf.6-4-183711-24-1903
66y, 5m, 20d
Talburt, William C.Harrison FurnaceE, 21 OVInone listednone listed
Thompson, J.H.MeadE, 36th OVI18435-19-1903
Butler Co., PA
Thompson, James S.Mt. CarmelF, 140th OVI8-17-18372-23-1898
Titus, DanielTitus
F, 140th OVI
Crpl, ONG
Toland, AaronMt. CarmelA, 1st OHA18461926
Toland, JohnJenkinsK, 173rd OVI11-1-18264-9-1899
VanGerder, Green B.LindseyG, 56th OVI
in hospital in Barracks, MO for 3 weeks in July 1863
1826none listed
VanGorder, Lewis
VanForder, Lewis
Mt. CarmelF, 140th ONG
Wait, James P. (Sgt.)BattersonI, 18th Iowa Inf.183411-19-1878
Wallace, William N.RogersF, 140th OVI4-13-18345-19-1872
Weeks, James W.BattersonA, 39th OVI18451925
Wiehle, William
AKA Wickle, William
MeadG, 8th OVC7-12-1832
Jackson Co., OH
White, AsaWhite GravelF, 91st OVI
wounded foot at Summerville WV; he cut wood to cook for hospital when able
White, NelsonWhite GravelF, 140th OVI5-26-18306-26-1882 at home
Wilson, WilliamMt. CarmelF, 1st OHA
2-4-18382-4-1892 Poison
Wolf, JohnathanJenkinsD, 173rd OVI2-19-18301-1-1897
Wolf, JosephSt. John's/LillyC, 3rd OVI
re-enlisted D4
WV Vol Inf.
1835 Germany7-5-1878
Yeley, IsaacPylePowellF, 140th NC Inf1824none listed
Zaler, JosephKallner/SquiresG, 173 OVI9-11-1831
New Sweekly Twp.
Beaver Co., PA
83y, 10m, 5d
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