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Harrison Furnace

Harrison Furnace was the only iron-producing furnace in Harrison & Madison Townships.  It was located 2 1/2 miles south of Harrisonville.  The iron was used for the area foundries and rolling mills. 

Harrison Furnace was built in 1851 by Sebastian Eifort, Henry Spellman, Thomas Price, and J. C. Butler.  It went into blast in that year.  There was a company store near the furnace at the intersection of Swauger Valley Road and Harrison Furnace Road.  

The furnace stack was 38 feet high with a 10 1/4 foot bosh.  In 1857, it operated for 30 weeks and produced 2,300 tons of iron. 

The furnace operated for seven years before failing.  In 1860, Daniel Sommers and Samuel McConnel purchased the failing furnace and began operations again.  In 1872, the furnace  went out of blast forever. 

After the furnace closed in 1872, the land was sold for farming.

The furnace produced 30,000 tons of iron during its lifespan. 

The Harrison Furnace owners opened a company store for its employees.  The store was located at the intersection of Swauger Valley Road and Harrison Furnace Road.  When the store ceased operation, the building was used for the Harrison Furnace School.  When the school no longer used the building, it was turned into a store again--The Nine Oaks Market. 

It was common practice to name nearby cemeteries by their furnace name.  Harrison Furnace cemetery is located on Swauger Valley Road near the intersection of Furnace Creek Road. 


Harrison Furnace Store Robbed 


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Harrison Furnace History 



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