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Korean Conflict Soldiers
buried in Minford Community Cemeteries
Harrison and Madison Townships
Adkins, Ivory JacksonWheeler Army 9-8-1939 1-28-2005 
Boggs, Fred H.White Army 2-16-1931 12-13-2001
Bower, David H.BennettAir Force9-14-193211-11-1995
Carroll, Jerry L.Bennett Navy 9-5-19365-2-2000
Casteel, Robert LeeWhite GravelArmy8-23-193110-25-1981
Chandler, James B.Bennett Air Force 5-5-1928 11-2-2003
Comer, George G., Jr.White Army 9-5-1931 11-8-2003
Crabtree, Paul C.White GravelPFC Army4-20-193010-15-1952
Conklin, Gerald EugeneMonroeNavy, 2-6-1952 to 11-7-195512-29-19343-3-1978
Crabtree, Paul C.White GravelPFC 573 Eng Pon Brg Co4-20-193010-15-1952
Donahoe, Ronald MacBennettUSAF5-19-19335-5-1956
Donahoe, William JayMt. Carmel Navy 9-23-19291-23-2004
Durham, RaymondWhite Army 3-6-19313-7-2003
Evans, James O.BennettNavy8-29-19314-14-1995
Gilliam, Frank C.Mt. CarmelPFC 26 Inf10-9-19267-14-1967
Hamilton, Robert Earl, Sr.BennettMarines12-27-193211-11-1978
Howard, Richard N.AdamsNavy8-19-19311-14-1961
Hunt, OkieBennett 9-9-19309-24-1983
Hutchinson, Richard L.BennettAir Force, served from 1949 to 19617-16-19329-5-1987
Imes, Richard H.Mt. Carmel 4-22-193012-20-1991
Kiser, LovellWhite Navy2-8-19292-21-2001
Lantz, Jack B.Bennett Air Force 9-26-1931 5-20-1999
Lewis, Carl J.  2-27-19294-28-1990
McKenzie, Wendell R.Mt. CarmelMarines 1-6-1933 2-15-2006
Penix, LeeGlendaleArmy4-25-1925buried 2-10-1954, Veteran's Hospital
Rankin, Earl, Jr.AdamsCareer Air Force, retired 196112-30-19198-29-1964
Seymour, Oscar J.BennettPFC Svc Co 26 Inf Reg2-23-19323-30-1954 killed in car accident 2 years after discharge
Smith, Donald L.BennettArmy9-15-19536-20-1996
Smith, Ray HenryWhite GravelArmy4-30-19285-30-1893
Webb, Fred A.BennettAAFnone listed1-29-1955
Wheeler, Leonard A.Mault Army 1-19-19292-19-2004
Wheeler, NormanWheeler Army 10-26-1933 5-22-1997
Williams, Milford DeanWheelerS Sgt Army, also served in Viet Nam4-11-193111-8-1975
Woodworth, Harry E.BattersonArmy10-23-19286-10-2004
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