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Minford Area Post Offices

Harrison Township
Compiled by Carl and Elizabeth Shamhart, Scioto County Post Offices 1805 - 1991, Harrison Township, The Portsmouth Public Library Local History Department, pp. 29 - 31.

During the 1800's, there were three post offices in Harrison Township.

Scioto Post Office
(became Minford Post Office)

The first post office in the area was formed before Harrison Township was organized.  The post office was called Rockwells, and the postmaster was Ephriam Rockwell. Rockwells was the 5th post office in the county.  Mr. Rockwell served as postmaster from December 28, 1825 to May 9, 1828.  Ebenezer Corwin succeeded Mr. Rockwell as postmaster.  The name of the post office was changed to Scioto on August 12, 1828.

1. Scioto Post Office - located in the town we now know as Minford.  The post office was renamed Minford in 1917. This is the post office that current residents of Minford know as the Minford Post Office.  Click here to see a list of Scioto (Minford) postmasters.

2. Harrison Mills Post Office- located near the intersection of Taylor Hill Road and Bennett SchoolHouse Road.  This post office was near a grain and sawmill, and stood downstream from the Tuttleville bridge.  The Harrison Mills post office began operation in 1862. Six postmasters served there until the post office was closed in 1905.  Click here to see a list of Harrison Mills Postmasters.

3. American Post Office - located at the junction of what is now State Route 335 and Wheeler's Mill Road.  It stood near a grain and sawmill built by Joseph Bennett and Henry Power.  The grain and sawmill was owned by the Wheelers.  The American post office began operations in 1890 and closed in 1902.   Click here to see a list of American Postmasters.

Madison Township

Madison Township Post Offices

At one time, there were 9 post offices in Madison Township. Madison Township was organized sometime before 1810. It was named for James Madison. It is one of Scioto County's larger townships.

The post offices locations are marked on the map below:

Post Office Madison Twp Map

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