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The Portsmouth Times, May 24, 1919, p. 6 

Old John Barleycorn is Dying

All Saloons in City Close Tonight With The Exception of One

With the exception of Paul Copelan's saloon in the old Findris stand on Gallia Street, all other saloons in Portsmouth and New Boston will close their doors at the stroke of 11:30 tonight.

Statewide prohibition takes effect at 12 o'clock Monday night and saloonists to keep their places open Monday night were compelled to pay the handsome sum of $305 and all refused to do this except Mr. Copelan.

Quiet reigned in all the saloons last night the police say and they are anticipating no trouble tonight when King Gambrinus is dethroned and John Barleycorn becomes a memory that is so far as a drink over the bar is concerned.

A number of saloonists made the statement last night that is the crowds become too large or boisterous, they will close their places long before 11:30.

On Chillicothe street three saloons have already closed, The Arcade, Flehler and Brafford and Jake Linck.  This leaves but three saloons from Sixth Street to Chillicothe, Alec Kelso, Adloph Hurth, Jr. and the Senate.

Wholesale liquor dealers and saloonists report a big demand for liquor.  Hundreds of cases were sold at good prices today.

The bargain seeker is on the job and believes that in the closing hours old John Barleycorn may come down off his high perch, but saloonists scoul this idea, as they say they can dispose of their surplus stock to liquor dealers in Ashland and Catlettsburg who will keep open until July 1 and until next January if the war prohibition edict is lifted.

Busy scenes were pictured in the saloons today.  The proprietors are anxious to get rid of their wet goods within the law and they farily barked their wares to their patrons.  However the prices remained firm and may until the last dying moments of the open saloon.

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