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B. F. Bennett, Ferryboat
Was in service on the Ohio River from 1895 to 1904 

 B F Bennett Ferryboat

The B. F. Bennett Ferryboat was named in honor of Benjamin Franklin Bennett, the third son of Joseph Bennett of Harrisonville.  B. F. Bennett was born in Harrisonville on October 11, 1829, and he remained in Harrisonville until he reached manhood. 

He married Sarah Ann Snodgrass in Scioto County, Ohio.  In 1849, B. F. and Sarah moved to Tygart Valley near the Globe Iron Furnace in Greenup County, Kentucky.  He built a flour mill and made the first flour in Greenup County, Kentucky.  Around 1855, B. F. and his brother, Pramley, built Bennett's Mill Covered Bridge to accomodate traffic to and from his flour mill.

B. F. Bennett served in the 56th Ohio Infantry during the Civil War.  He also studied law.  He was admitted to the bar in 1866.  He opened a law office in Greenup and built a brick house on the hill in the rear of the town in the late 1870's.  He was a Roads Commissioner in Greenup County for four years, in addition to being a delegate to the state Constitutional Convention.   In 1890 he became a representative for his district to the General Assembly.

B. F. and Sarah were the parents of:  Joseph Bentley Bennett, Mary Hannah Bennett (Merrill), Lucinda M. Bennett, Isabel Bennett (Secrest), Emma Lucille Bennett (Wynn) and Sarah Ann Bennett (Taylor).

The Captain of the B. F. Bennett was his son-in-law, George D. Wynn.  George was married to Emma Lucille Bennett.

B. F. Bennett died in Greenup on April 29, 1914.

Timeline of news articles from The Portsmouth Times:

November 2, 1895
The hull of the new boat, B. F. Bennett, has been floated down to the lower wharf and is receiving her machinery.  It is expected to have her ready for business on the first rise on the river.


August 20, 1895
Captain Wynn will have his new ferryboat ready for launching in three weeks unless delayed in getting out his timbers.  The new boat will be 100 x 26 feet.  She will be named after B. F. Bennett of Greenup, father-in-law of Captain Wynn.  New machinery will be put on, and it is expected to have the new craft ready for duty by the first of November. 


March 29, 1897
Robert Guthrie, pilot on the B. F. Bennett Ferryboat had his hand cut badly Sunday by catching it in a window.  Dr. Burgess was called to dress the wound.  Several stitches were taken to close up the wound.

May 15, 1897
Captain Isaac Miller is negotiation with Captain Wynn for the purchase of the B. F. Bennett ferryboat and franchise.  Captain Miller is an old steamboat man.  He says he wants the boat for his son, Wilton, now in the South.

Ralph Calvert Was Thrown Last Night While Attempting to Hook in the Ferry Boat
The excursion of the High school scholars on the steamer B. F. Bennett last night was a complete success.  About 125 took advantage of the excursion.  The upper ferry boat pulled out above Limeville, a short distance, and back.  The trip was thoroughly enjoyable.  on the way up some little excitement was caused by the attempt of Ralph Calvert and two companions who were out in a boat to hitch onto the ferry.  They failed in their attempt and their boat was swamped.  Calvert was thrown into the river and his companions thoroughly soaked.  They escaped injury, however. 


 June 10, 1897
The B. F. Bennett, the upper ferry boat with Captain Wynn in command, will run an excursion from here to Siloam, Kentucky where the Christian Church holds a strawberry festival tonight.  The  Kazip Club from here will be aboard.


July 15, 1898
The B. F. Bennett was chartered for a moonlight excursion to be given for the benefit of the Portsmouth Brass Band. 


March 14, 1903
Owing to the fact that the ferryboat B. F. Bennett cannot find a landing place at the upper landing because too high the water, Captain Miller decided this morning to establish a ferry to and from the infirmary and made his first trip at 8 o'clock bringing over a load of hay and many passengers.  He continued his trips all day and will also continue the same over Friday and Saturday.

February 6, 1904
The ferryboat B. F. Bennett, which was cut down by the ice at the mouth of the Scioto, is now threatened with complete destruction.  With the decline of the river, ice which had solidly supported the partly breached boat is now fast disappearing from beneath her stern and as a result the hull is cracking from one end to the other.  The boat is expected to break in two and become a complete wreck.  Many sightseers visit the Point daily to see the boat.  Photographer Gillett appeared there Thursday morning with his camera and secured an escellent view of the ferry as she lay on the side of the bluff.

March 26, 1904 
Captain Miller, Judge Bennett of Greenup and Col. Floyd L. Smith, representing the underwriters have sold the old ferry B. F. Bennett to J. R. Capehart, the coal dealer.

Mr. Capehart will at once begin work on removing the machinery from the wrecked boat which is now laying at the mouth of the Scioto. 

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