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According to Thaddeus' handwritten record in his family bible, he was born on May 9, 1760, in Warwick, Rhode Island. His tombstone lists his birthdate as February 28, 1764.

Thaddeus' father was Ephraim Bennett, b. April 30, 1741 in Rhode Island. His mother was Mary Jane Stafford Bennett, born in Warwick, Rhode Island, date unknown.  Ephriam Bennett died on October 26, 1813, shortly before Thaddeus came to Ohio.  His mother's death date in unknown.

Ephriam Bennett was the son of Samuel Bennett and Mary Stafford Bennett.  Mary was born on September 16, 1690.  No other information is known about Ephriam and Mary.

Thaddeus' had at least one brother, Ephriam Bennett.  Ephriam was born on May 1, 1762 in Warwick, Orange, New York.   He served in the military in 1777 in Warwick, Orange, New York. In 1830 he is listed as a veteran living in Tioga, New York.  He died on October 26, 1843 in Dix, Chemung, New York. (Source RootsWeb.com, ID#I11087)   Thaddeus served in the Revolutionary War.  He was a private in Captain William Blaine's Company from New York. He was also a Baptist preacher.

Thaddeus recorded in his bible that he was married to Sheba Eunice Bentley on September 10, 1780.  Sheba Eunice Bentley was born on January 19, 1762.  Together, they had at least nine children:

1. Mary (Mollie) Bennett, b. March 25, 1782 in Chemung, New York.
2. Thaddeus Bennett b. December 2, 1783 in Chemung, New York.
3. Sarah (Sallie) Bennett b. July 8, 1786 in Chemung, NewYork. She married John Fenton, Jr. in New York.
4. Benjamin Bentley Bennett b. June 3, 1788 in Chemung, New York. He married Ellanor Batterson.
5. Rhoda Bennett, b. May 3, 1790 in Chemung, New York
6. Mahittebel (Hetty) Bennett b. April 27, 1792 in Chemung, New York
7. Joseph Bennett b. October 1, 1794 in Chemung, New York
8. Eunice Bennett b. February 15, 1797 in Chemung, New York
9. Jehial Bennett b. December 29, 1799 in Chemung, New York

Eunice Bentley Bennett died two days after giving birth to their son, Jehial Bennett.  Her death date is listed in the family bible as December 31, 1799.

Around 1814, Thaddeus' family, together with his son, Joseph's family set out for Ohio.

Thaddeus remarried but the date and place are unknown. His second wife's name was Elizabeth.  Her last name is assumed to be Meade.  One record found shows that Thaddeus married the "widow Meade."  They had 5 children:

1. Ira G. Bennett, b. 1804 in New York. He married Rhoda Hayes in 1831 in Scioto County, Ohio.
2. Jessie Bennett, b. May 20, 1811 in New York. He married Eliza Knapp in 1850 in Scioto County, Ohio.
3. Thomas Bennett
4. Catherine Bennett, b. 1810 in New York
5. Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann Bennett, b. February 10, 1810 in New York.  Elizabeth died on May 7, 1826.

Thaddeus married again.  His third wife was Rachel Chaney, born on March 5, 1765.  They were married on August 17, 1828 in Scioto County, Ohio.

T Bennett War Marker 

Thaddeus Bennett's grave markers, Bennett Cemetery, Minford, OH

Joseph Bennett was the seventh child born to Thaddeus and Eunice Bennett.  He was born in New York.
He served in the War of 1812 as a Private in Captain Jacob Arnold's Company.

Joseph was a Baptist preacher, and he had a red birthmark on his mouth.  He was nicknamed "Red Mouth Joe."
Joseph married Elizabeth Mills, who was a widow.  Elizabeth was born around 1792.  Elizabeth had a son, Ephriam, with her first husband.  Ephriam adopted the last name of Bennett.  When he was 22 years old, Joseph and his wife, Elizabeth Mills Bennett, brought their family to Ohio with Thaddeus Bennett.  Joseph and Elizabeth had the following children: 

Thaddeus B. Bennett, born on May 22, 1816, in New York, married Lucinda Howell on June 22, 1837 lived on Shultz Creek, 4 miles south of Portsmouth; owned several hundred acres of land; known in the community as Colonel B.; farmed and timbered all his life; a Whig, and a Republican; had 3 sons--Joseph (died in Civil War), Clay, and Thomas.  Thaddeus B. Bennett died in October of 1899.

William Parmoley Bennett, married Abigail Bonser was known as Parmoley; born around 1825;  Abigail was born around 1821; they had a large family--some of the children were:  Thaddeus, born around 1848; Hannah E., born around 1846; John, lost an arm when he caught his hand in a feeding mill;
Benjamin Franklin Bennett, married Sarah Ann Snodgrass 
Benjamin was born around 1829; his wife's name on the 1850 Census is listed as Sally A., she was born around 1830. They had at least one child, Bitsy, born around 1849. 
Jane Bennett, born around 1846. She was still living in 1850, but she died young.Elizabeth (Betsy) Bennett, married Levi Lindsey.
Elizabeth was born around 1820; Levi was born around 1815; they had 5 boys and 3 girls--James Madison, born around 1840, killed in the Civil War; Margaret, born around 1842; Martha, born around 1845;
Joseph B., born around 1847, served in the Civil War, died in Athens, Ohio on June 17, 1893, is buried in Bennett Cemetery in Minford; William, born around 1849; Frank; Louden; John; Lovina; and Eunice, who was deaf and later blind. Frank moved to Montana to mine; later Frank moved to Los Angeles. Louden killed himself at about age 75. John married and stayed in the area.

Susan Maria Bennett, married George Moore spent their lives 1 1/2 miles south of Harrisonville on Sciotoville Road in sight of Bennett School House. George Moore told stories of being a playmate of Stonewall Jackson as a child growing up in Virginia. Susan and George fed and housed many hungry people; besides having 4 of their own children, they took in 14 more children from other families; they raised their own food and made their own clothing from their own sheep; Susan caned and spun her own yarn and wove it into linsey.
Sarah Bennett, married John Smith.

Lovina Bennett, married Henry Lantz Lovina was born around 1831; she a Henry were married in the Bennett home on the hillside just west of the Bennett's Mill on the Little Scioto River; they had 8 children--William, drowned in the Little Scioto River at age 9; Jessie, died in infancy; Lizzie, died at age 3 in Helena Arkansas during the Civil War while Lovina was visiting Henry; another child died in infancy; Henry C., born near Bennett's Mill (Wheeler's Mill); Mollie; Frank B.: Henry C.; Benjamin F.Ephriam Bennett (Joseph's stepson) married Rachel Mead on January 8, 1834. 

Elizabeth died on July 11, 1862 at age 69. She is buried in Bennett Cemetery beside the Grange Hall in Minford. Some members of the Lindsey family are buried in the same cemetery.

Joseph married a second time. His second wife's name was Anna Branah. Joseph's grandson Henry Clay Lantz recalled that Anna walked with a limp from a crippled hip. Anna had two sons--Bob and Charles, and a daughter, Abigail. Abigail taught in a log schoolhouse at Bennett's Mill in Greenup County.

Joseph died on April 30, 1868 in Greenup County, Kentucky. He is buried in Bennett Cemetery beside the Grange Hall in Minford.

J Bennett Headstone

Joseph Bennett's tombstone 
Bennett Cemetery
Minford, Ohio

J Bennett Military Headstone

Joseph Bennett's War Marker

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