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World War I Soldiers
Buried in Minford Community Cemeteries
Harrison and Madison Townships

(Red row indicates died in service)

Adams, William H.White GravelSgt. Inf. Div.9-27-18887-26-1946
Akers, RolenBennettWVa, Pfc, 319 Inf.2-25-18869-10-1961
Allen, Alva JohnWhite GravelWWI & WWII12-14-1896 
Arthur, Willis G.BennettCrpl., Co A, 17 Bn US Guards10-11-18969-19-1952
Balsiger, Elmer E.White GravelPfc., Army11-25-18929-7-1976
Bird, Samuel W.White GravelArmy4-13-1892buried 8-19-1973
Brigner, Adam O., Sr.BennettPvt., Army, Co A, 7 Inf3-22-18943-25-1960
Carroll, Charles R.BennettS1, USNRF5-29-18947-3-1959
Carter, Elijah E.Mead3rd Co, 1 Tng Bn, 158 Dep Brig, Co E, 309 AM Tn, Co A, Dev Bn 2d 158 Dep Brig2-18-189610-10-1918
died of pneumonia in France
Carver, Herbert C.BennettArmy7-21-189610-4-1964
Carber, Ora HayzeBennettMarines11-2-18986-5-1961
Castle, FloydBennettKy, Army4-3-18944-17-1955
Chabot, Roy LindenMt. CarmelPvt., Co E, 308 Eng.8-27-18954-21-1962
Chandler, William B. USA1-13-18957-15-1978
Colegrove, Russell M.Mt. CarmelPvt, 148 Machine Gun Bn8-8-18959-10-1972
Conkel, Arthur H.BennettWagoner, 145 Inf. 87 Div. (wounded after being gassed) 4-6-1933
Coriell, Olga A.BattersonOhio Chauffer
186 Aero Squadron
Davis, James B.WheelerArmy4-10-18943-30-1976
Days, GeorgeBennettPvt., Army, Co. C, 104 Inf.6-4-189010-5-1953
Daniels, Wells G.MeadArmy11-29-18956-28-1977
Dennison, Stanley W.BennettSgt., retired career Army5-1-18963-30-1965
Dingess, CalvinPyle PowellPFC Army3-5-189410-19-1961
Downey, John M.White GravelArmy6-24-188910-10-1952
Erwin, Clifford L.BennettArmy10-7-189510-16-1984
Ferrell, Godfrey D.BennettArmy2-2-1902buried 3-10-1956
Frazier, Ignatious R.AdamsPvt., 102 Inf. 26 Div10-23-1890 France10-23-1918 Parker, IN
Killed in Action
Next of Kin: Mrs. Ellen Frazier, Stockdale
Frazier, JacobAdamsCo I, SM Gay  
Frazier, Loren AdamsPvt., 321 Fld. Rmt. Sq. Qmc2-10-18929-19-1965
Hoerr, OscarBennettCol., Army, Co D, 145 Inf.8-3-18933-8-1965
Holt, NoahBennettPvt. US Army4-11-18875-4-1957
Hopkins, RussellBattersonArmy7-21-18953-9-1978
Humphreys, Benjamin A.Bennett FairviewG, 67th OVI10-13-19019-19-1927
Irwin, Frank W.BennettArmy11-4-18968-25-1987
Kallner, David A.Kallner/Squires 18881918
Knapp, James WilliamWhite GravelArmy6-29-189210-25-1981
Kronk, Clarence A.Mt. CarmelH, 333 Inf.4-3-18962-3-1921
Lilly, LacyBennettPvt. 61 Inf.6-15-188911-21-1971
McLaughlin, Cecil MorganBennettCarpenter's Mate 2 Ci NAVY3-24-1894 (obituary)4-25-1935
Minford, William M.Bennett 10-9-18882-29-1940
Powell, Roy A.MartinG, 330 Inf.5-4-189510-11-1917
died in France of pneumonia
Puckett, George BurtonBennettVA, Pfc., Co H, 317 Inf.7-30-18953-11-1962
Rhoden, Elliott C.BennettPvt., Btry C, 12 Fld Arty, 2 Div3-6-189410-28-1953
Rickey, Holly HarrisBennett FairviewPvt, ARMY12-12-18963-3-1975
Salisbury, DialAdamsPvt., Btry F, 72 Field Arty1-2-18979-3-1967
Shump, Floyd L.BattersonCo B, 309 Ammo Tn, 84 Div7-19-18867-21-1962
Smith, George W.MonroePfc., 59 Field Arty Div9-1-19008-21-1950
Smith, John C.Mt. CarmelPvt. 120 Mg Bn 32 Div9-2-182310-3-1934
Smith, John K.Pyle 18891967
Smith, KilbourneBennettS2, USNRF8-21-18967-17-1951
Stockham, Clarence S.BennettCo., E, 333 Inf8-21-18935-30-1954
Walters, Escom W.BennettWagnor, Co C, 308 Metn7-21-18912-21-1972
Willis, ArthurBennettArmy10-11-18969-21-1952
Wymer, Laurence F.BennettArmy1-26-18968-7-1986
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