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World War II Soldiers
Buried in Minford Cemeteries
Harrison and Madison Townships

Last Names H - M
(red row indicates killed or died in service)

Hackworth, Donald G.MonroeSgt., 808 Tank Destroyer Bn1-29-191911-8-1944
Hackworth, Eugene O.MonroeArmy7-3-19211-28-1992
Hadaway, James F.MartinS Sgt., Co F, 22 Inf 4 Inf Div BSM PH9-30-191110-27-1964
Hancock, Charles R.BennettPvt. Med Dpt3-20-191910-5-1960
Henson, ThomasBennett Army 12-11-1913 4-6-1998
Hickman, Francis W.WheelerArmy Infantry Division6-21-191812-27-2004
Hickman, Lewis H.Mt. CarmelArmy6-12-19125-1-1948
Hilger, Clyde A.BennettPFC 38A, AAA AW Bn Cac10-3-189910-25-1964
Hinze, Clyde B.BennettArmy1-27-19183-24-1990
Hinze, Henry L.BennettArmy2-26-19165-12-1997
Howell, Clyde E.BennettArmy 3-24-19276-24-2003
Hunt, Edward CurtisBennettUSNR1-9-19159-24-1968
Irwin, Jack W.BennettArmy10-7-192412-1-1994
Jarrell, Orval J.PylePvt., Co B, 65 Med Tng Bn3-21-19224-22-1969
Keller, Carl O.BennettSgt. 85 Chem Mortar Bn BSM7-2-191411-6-1952
King, Harry C.Mt. Carmel Navy 1-9-19158-12-2003
Kinker, Richard LeeBennettTech 4, 67 Engr Topo Co  
Kinstler, Jacob Earl IIIBennettNavy 7-8-19213-14-2004
Landreth, Leonard L.BennettTech 5, 339 Med Sup Det2-6-192710-27-1951
Leake, ____White GravelArmy 13th Gen Hosp9-26-19228-20-1972
Lindsey, Carl WendellBennettSgt. Co A, 53rd Inf., Tng Bn1-9-19209-28-1915
Locher, AlvaWhite GravelAir Force9-9-190612-23-1984
Lykins, James H.WheelerArmy10-31-192312-2-1993
Lykins, John D.WheelerPvt., Army192719__
Lykins, Ova B.Wheeler 2-5-19228-7-1988
Martin, Ralph C.Mt. CarmelS Sgt. 4100 Base Unit AAF12-5-19164-1-1962
Martin, Richard F.Bennett Army 8-29-1915 1-4-1997
Martin, Thurman E.WhiteCpl. Army Air Force8-4-19272-7-1971
McCain, Arnold C.Mt. CarmelArmy9-16-19143-6-2004
McCleese, Daniel B.Highland BendArmy9-29-1926buried
McCoy, John DabneyMt. CarmelFTG1 Navy
WWII & Korea
Meadows, James J. Jr.MartinPfc., Army11-30-19256-26-1967
Melvin, William S.MonroeMarines6-8-19214-13-1982
Miller, DavidWhite GravelArmy7-4-19215-8-1964
Miller, LeoBennett335 Inf. 84 Inf. Div5-13-191910-18-1949
Moore, Ernest T.BennettTech Ohio 797
Engrs Forestry
Moore, Norman W. Army2-19-19181-25-1992
Morris, CrateGlendalePfc. 172, Station Hosp.4-25-19252-6-1956
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