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World War II Soldiers
Buried in Minford Cemeteries
Harrison and Madison Townships

Last Names N - Z
(red row indicates killed or died in service)

Neff, George EverettTick RidgePfc., Army12-8-192011-11-1975
O'Bryan, WillardBennett Army 3-17-19199-22-1998
Parker, Elza E.BattersonArmy3-21-192010-16-1968
Penix, LeoGlendalePfc 172 Station Hosp4-25-19252-6-1956
Pennington, Cleadus A.White Navy 12-31-1920 12-17-2000
Pierce, Ore ElmerMartinKy, Pvt. HQ Co 1, Bn 32 Inf2-13-190310-18-1971
Pitts, James HenryWhite GravelArmy 13th Gen Hospt11-16-19196-15-1971
Pogue, Edward L.BennettArmy7-29-19227-16-1996
Powell, Dale E.Mt. CarmelArmy2-7-19224-20-1995
Powell, HermanBennettTech 51-2-19114-16-1973
Powell, William Orville, Sr.BennettArmy2-14-190912-8-1981
Purdy, Elmo A.BennettPvt. Co B 56 Inf. Tng Bn12-4-19079-28-1965
Rice, GuyBennettArmy4-1-19189-22-1985
Richards, Cecil FloydMartinCpl. Army9-4-19066-25-1976
Riley, John C.Highland BendArmy3-12-1909buried
Riordan, Fred JohnWhite GravelArmy3-31-19185-8-1982
Roberts, OrlandoWheelerArmy4-4-19204-6-1996
Roberts Paul RandallWheelerAAF10-31-19252-16-1985
Roffe, James C.BennettArmy8-8-19085-3-1985
Roseberry, OcalWhite GravelArmy, Tech 4 179 Med Bn7-12-19236-21-1964
Rucker, Raleigh KennethBennett Navy 6-5-19232-16-2002
Rucker, LeonardSquiresNavy7-9-19252-25-1984
Sargent, Luther HayesMinfordNavy 1-4-19287-9-1995
Scarberry, AlfredBattersonPfc., Army, 1530 Svc Comd Unit BSM7-23-191812-5-1964
in prison
Schomburg, Carl FranklinBattersonPfc., Army 121 Qm Car Co12-31-19109-10-1959
Schomburg, Harold R.BattersonB Troop 13 Cav19161939
Schomburg, Kenneth L.BattersonPfc., 5 Marines 1 Mac Div  
Schroeder, Timothy F.Harrison FurnaceNavy1-23-191910-23-1996
Schuler, Harold L.BennettArmy6-7-19195-26-1994
Schuler, Harry B.Bennett Navy 1-30-1925 4-25-2001
Sexton, Elmer R.BennettArmy6-8-19134-8-1988
Sexton, Marvin FrancisBennettAir Force3-25-19268-30-1983
Sexton, Paul E.BennettArmy4-22-19277-18-1992
Shelton, Harvey EdwardBennettArmy1-30-19184-9-1980
Shelton, MorrisBennettPvt. Army5-27-190911-15-1972
Shively, John WesleyBennettLt JG, Navy5-13-19153-31-1968
Shoemaker, Harry GroverWhite GravelNavy8-10-191711-23-1982
Short, Ralph E.Bennett Army 4-20-19184-10-1958 
Shumway, Ferd H.BennettArmy1-5-19183-24-1991
Slusher, RobieAdamsKy., Army, Tec 3 27 Ord Med3-27-19199-3-1967
Smith, Arthur D.BennettArmy9-24-191711-17-1989
Smith, Damon R.White GravelArmy7-22-19217-25-1988
Smith, Lincoln SquireArmy6-12-19161-30-1987
Smith, William C.BennettCoast Guard12-3-19071-25-1995
Snipes, Eugene RossBennettArmy, US Signal Corps, 6 years2-9-19283-22-1959
Sparks, Garland M.WheelerMarines3-9-19161-27-1983
Sparks, Ova J.Harrison FurnaceMarines9-18-19234-11-1983
Spriggs, RaymondWhite Gravel1st Sgt.8-24-19196-15-1944
Stephenson, CliffordBennettArmy3-4-19202-6-1977
Toft, Thomas C.BennettArmy8-12-19295-26-1988
Viars, Silas J.BennettPfc., Co 1, 22 Inf, BSM, PF OLC9-8-191412-18-1964
Viars, VirgilBennettArmy3-18-19233-28-1980
Waddell, Lawrence E.BennettS Sgt., Army, 1473 SVC Comd Unit5-8-19213-27-1969
Walker, Roy C.BennettArmy9-16-19155-25-1995
Walter, James AlbertBennettSgt., Air Transport Comd5-8-19214-13-1966
Ward, Ottie RayBennettArmy2-3-19205-23-1984
Ware, BaselWhite GravelMarines5-26-19254-3-1992
Watt, ArthurBennettPfc., Med Dept, served in WWI and WWII1-26-18997-10-1952
Webster, Maurice O.Mt. CarmelSk1 US Navy12-30-191310-15-1968
Wells, Jack J.BennettPfc, Med. Dept. Also served in Viet Nam, died after retirementJanuary 18997-10-1952
Wells, Ora McKinleyBennettPfc., Co D. 308 Ammo Tn11-15-18944-28-1972
Wertz, Arthur W.Squire 11-14-19244-6-1995
Wheeler, HerbertWheelerPvt., Med Dept9-26-18989 - -1950
Wheeler, James EdwardHarrison FurnaceNavy7-1-19138-9-1985
Whisman, RuffordSquiresNavy5-24-192312-14-1992
Williams, ArchieBennettArmy 10-5-19201-8-2005
Williams, Lafe C.Bennett Army 5-28-1927 7-17-2002
Williams, RayBennettArmy9-13-19189-11-1983
Willis, Darrell GordonBennettNavy12-3-19243-11-1986
Wright, Ben E.BennettNavy12-17-19257-28-1990
Wymer, Howard E.Bennett Air Force 2-4-192312-6-2005
Yeagle, Charles H.LindseyPvt., 8 Ser Com4-10-190111-10-1963
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