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Warren Mines (Known today as White Gravel Mines)
Photo taken December 14, 1942, courtesy of Barbara Seibert Bennett
White Gravel Mine Workers
Boss - Wiley Sparks (Big man on left)

Top Row: Oscar Slack, Jargo Kline, Jack Moore, John Wilson, Russ Colegrove, Warren Crabtree, Floyd Crabtree, Roy Rose, ? Crabtree, John McKenzie

Front Row: Harold Seibert, Frank Horner, ? Osborne, Fred Stamper, Tommy Wilson, Bill Slack, Albert Stack

Ponies: Bob & Little Bill, Mule: Barney

The Warren family of Minford began mining the white quartz gravel from under the hills of Minford, Ohio, at the beginning of the 20th century. 
Men used the power of dynamite and muscle to burrow out a living by supplying the gravel and sand to the growing residential and industrial needs of the region.  The material was sold to the General Refractories Company. 
The men worked the mines throughout World War II after which time it was abandoned and faded into memory.
The Warren's sealed the openings to the mines in the 1970's, but trespassing and vandalism became a regular occurence. 
Today, the mines are on the abandoned list.  Scioto County has 33 abandoned mines listed with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. 
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