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Boys Soccer History at MHS  

Minford was the first school in Scioto County to have a soccer team.  The Falcons began playing in the *fall of 1983."  New Boston started their soccer team the same year.  Minford went 5 - 5 that year and won a playoff game. 

Below is a photo of the first soccer team.

Row 1 (Left-to-Right) - Tim Pitts, Jason Slone, Ronnie Goodson, Scott Whit, Brady Kempton, David Rolfe,
Joey Cyrus (Goal Keeper), Dave Munion, Greg Strickland, Tony Lewis, David Rice, Justin Slone, Mike Lewis

Row 2 (Left-to-Right) - Mark Price (Asst. Coach), Bob Hayburn (Asst. Coach), Alan Paolucci, 
Derrick Chapman, Les Paolucci, Chad Scott, Jay Scott, Danny Conley, John Alford, Tim Munion,
Eddie Barker, Scott Powers, Bill Hale (Coach), Brenda Reed (Scorekeeper), Mary Lyons (Scorekeeper) 
(unfortunately the picture cut her off at the end, so Mary isn't really shown!)


1983 - 1984 schedule





3 - 1 


4 - 1

 Sept. 6  New Boston

4 - 2 

   Huntington St. Joe

5 - 3 

 Sept. 10  Huntington St. Joe 

6 - 2

 Sept. 13  Ashland 

8 - 0

 Sept. 27  Ashland 

4 - 0

 Oct. 3  Circleville 

3 - 2 

 Oct. 8  New Boston 

9 - 3 

 Oct. 11  Athens 

4 - 2 

 Oct. 16  Tournament vs. White Oak

14 - 2 

 Oct. 19  Tournament vs. Cincinnati Maderia 

8 - 0

Season notes:
Jason Slone scored six golas in the White Oak tournament game.  That total was an SOC record that was not broken until 2000.  Ron Goodson scored his first and only goal as a freshman, but would goon to score 116 more for the SOC and Minford career scoring record.  It placed him 3rd in the state of Ohio.  The game vs. White Oak remained the highest scoring game until 1999.
Record:  6 - 6 (5 -5) in regular season
SOC:  2 - 0
Tournament: 1 - 1
Offensive Player of the Year:  Jason Slone
Defensive Player of the Year:  Joe Cyrus
Assist Award:  Scott Powers
Hustle Award:  Alan Paolucci
Most Improved:  Dave Munion
Team Captain:  Jason Slone
Manager:  Mike Lewis
Coach:  Bill Hale
Assistant Coach:  Mark Price
Research by Ruth Boll & R. Lavender 
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