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Minford Local Schools
1906 - 1969

The citizens of the area fought a seven-year battle to establish a high school in Minford.

In 1915, an attempt to carry a $30,000 bond issue in Harrison, Madison, and Minford to establish a joint high school was overwhelmingly defeated by the voters. Later, another effort to pass a bond issue to build a high school in Madison was also decisively beaten. (1)

In January of 1922, a new school district was created out of the Madison Township Rural School District, the Harrisonville Rural School District, and the Minford Rural School District. "The name of the said newly created district shall be the Minford Rural School District." (2) The new district had an area of about 30 square miles.

The first members of the Minford Rural District Board of Education were: Dr. G. W. Fishbaugh, President; Louis B. Poole, Vice-President; John C. Milam, Clerk. Other members of the board were: Charles Helt, John J. Dodge, and George A. Shumway. John C. Milam remained as Clerk for only one meeting. On January 26, 1922, George A. Shumway was elected as the new Clerk.

February 9, 1922 - The Board of Education resolved that "it is hereby determined necessary to purchase a site and to build and furnish a new school building, that the probable amount of money required for the building is $40,000." (3)

The district did not have enough money on hand to build the new high school, so they decided it was necessary to hold an election for a bond issue. On March 22, 1922, the bond issue for $40,000 was approved by the voters. Votes cast were 301 in favor, 139 against.

On May 2, 1922, Devoss and Donaldson, Architects, were hired to build the new high school.

September 15, 1922 - The Board agrees to purchase property from C. A. Crull at a price not to exceed $2,000.

The high school was opened to students on January 2, 1924.

Old School on 139

Minford Rural School, 1924

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Minford Local Schools
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