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Madison Township Schools

According to information in the book entitled, The History of the Lower Scioto Valley, published in 1884, Madison Township had 12 sub school districts.  The individual districts were not named.  

In the book entitled, The History of Scioto County, Ohio, Together With a Pioneer Record of Southern Ohio, written by Nelson W. Evans, published in 1904, states the following:
"Madison Township has eleven schools (Mohat's school No. 9 is abandoned).  The term of school is seven months.  The schools of Madison Township have made a marked improvement in the past year which is due to the earnest efforts of the Madison Township Teacher's Association and the cooperation of the Board of Education.  Although the wages are small, the schools are among the best of Scioto County.  The value of her school property is about $6,000."
The Scioto County Engineer's Office has possession of a 1900 Madison Township School District Map.  Each Madison Township school, church, and post office is marked on the map.  The districts are divided into sections.  Click here to view the map.

Madison Township Schools in

Click here for a 1900 map. 


Madison Township Schools in 1913

Click here for a 1913 map. 


# of Pupils
in 1903 

 Map Location


 Adams54 pupils  Section 8 James C. Cathey  Adams
 Fairview50 pupils  Section 17 Wm & Sarah Graham  Fairview
 Hardscrabble24 pupils  Section 32 A. T. Holcomb  
 Stockhams47 pupils  Section 34 Harriet S. Mault  Stockhams
 Mt. Carmel42 pupils  Section 15 J. W. Giles  Mt. Carmel
 Dewey44 pupils  Section 3 C. F. Kirchner  Dewey
 Glades40 pupils  Border of Sections 5 & 6 Ed. N. Lansing  Glades
 Salem53 pupils  Section 23 Fred Winter  Salem
 Mohat'sNot listed Section 30 Wesley Mohat ( Defunct in 1903)
 White66 pupils  Section 25 Kendall Dever  White
 White Gravel35 pupils  Section 11 Mary Downey  White Gravel
 Oak Grove35 pupils  Section 18 Wm. McDaniel  Oak Grove

Some of the schools changed locations throughout its history.   Click on the school name for more information.
Madison School was established in the 1938.  Minford Grammar School was established in 1924. 

In 1961, the Madison School Board ceased to exit.  The Madison Township Schools and Board of Education were transferred to the Minford District.
The Portsmouth Times, December 18, 1961 
Madison Local in Minford District
Transfer of the Madison Elementary Local School District in the Minford district was effective today.
The action was taken to transfer the district Saturday by Scioto County school board.  E. R. McCowan, Superintendent, said the action came at the request of the Madison school board.
According to regulations, transfer of the territory will become effective January 15.
Mr. McCowan said the transfer of the district will not change the school schedules because high school students in the Madison District already attend high school at Minford.
With the transfer of the district, the Madison School board will cease to exist, Mr. McCowan said.  Comprising the board are:  H. C. Burchett, president; Lloyd Shoemaker, vice-president; Roy Dever and Walter Dever.  George E. Casteel is Clerk of the Madison Board.

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